Trust Persons

Within MESA we highly value a safe and inclusive environment for our members. For this reason, each year two Trust Persons are appointed to which our members can go should they have any concerns, questions or issues. 

There are two Trust Persons: Someone from inside of the association and someone from outside of the assiciation. Additionally, neither of the Trust Persons can be active within MESA, meaning they cannot be part of the current Board, the Advisory Board, or any Committee. This will ensure that every MESA member has the opportunity to go to an unbiased and neutral person.

Internal Trust Person '22 - '23

Eniko Gyopar

Hello everyone!

I’m Niko, a third year student and currently the internal trust person of MESA. This means that if any of you have issues regarding MESA matters and would like to keep it anonymous, you can come to me! These complaints will be kept as confidential information, so do not worry about personal matters being aired. 🙂

I hope you can find me with confidence!


External Trust Person '22 - '23

Rutger Renkema

Dear MESA members,
My name is Rutger and it is an honor to be this year’s external trust person for MESA! I’m currently in the board for the study association for American Studies, EPU. I am the treasurer and commissioner of External Affairs. I’m an American Studies student, in the 2nd year of the bachelor.
If you want to talk about something that you would rather not discuss with the internal trust person or the board. You can always approach and/or text me (+31 6 33 15 97 82) if you would like to talk with me over a coffee. I can advise you or just listen to what you have to say. Everything is of course confidential.

xoxo Rutger