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MESA Membership

If you are going to study Media Studies in this upcoming year, you can join MESA to further enhance your time at the university. If you become a member of MESA, you:

  • Will get access to summaries from last years, and receive updated summaries from a lot of courses in the first year
  • Will be able to join all our drinks and make new friends
  • Can become an active member to develop your interests and skills, whilst broadening your social circle
  • Can join the MESA trip, organised once a year
  • Can make an account on our website and view to access all summaries and photos taken during events

To become a member of MESA, head over here.

Active membership and Committees

Committee Applications are closed.

MESA is driven by a couple of committees, that all have their own responsibilities. Being a part of a committee means that you are able to learn more about your interests, get to know other students better and make friends, and offers the opportunity to develop yourself professionally. This upcoming year, MESA will have five committees:


We have set up a new career committee to make our association even more involved in the working field. You invite different experts from media fields to let them share their personal experiences as well as letting them offer valuable career advice. This committee also takes care of other study-related tasks, such as gathering and writing summaries for Media Studies courses, and organising study groups. You will furthermore run the writer’s club that students can join to learn more about professional and creative writing though practice. This committee offers you the opportunity to get in touch with the working field of media, and thus helps you get familiar with the professional side perfectly.


The Event Committee organises all-round yearly activities and is responsible for a big part of MESA’s social aspects. They organise the monthly drinks and come up with exciting new ideas to employ for all active members. Some examples of previous years were organising an ice skating event, bowling, or a scavenger hunt – but other and new ideas are always welcome, so you’ll probably do a lot of brainstorming together! Overall, you make sure our members are coming together to grab a drink and have a good time.


The rebranded First Year Committee is responsible for organising introductory activities for first year students. Their main responsibility is MESA’s intro camp, where first year students will get in touch with MESA for the first time. Thus, this is a perfect opportunity to show what MESA is all about! You will also think about other activities for first years, to make new students feel welcome. An example of this might be organising a drinks evening for first years. For the camp, you need to come up with activities, games, dinner ideas, and other things that might fit into the introductory weekend. You always keep the first years in mind and make sure they’ll have an unforgettable year.


As member of the Travel Committee, you are responsible for organising MESA’s annual trip. You think of a location abroad to go to, and plan and organise everything revolving this trip to make sure MESA has a couple of unforgettable days abroad! You come up with fun things to do during your days abroad, and make sure everything is within budget and organised properly. You need to be on top of the ins and outs of the destination, and make sure our MESA members have an exciting trip planned ahead of them.


The Media Committee is responsible for a big part of the offline and online image of MESA. Their tasks include creating social media posts, monitoring and fine-tuning the website, taking photos during events, making posters, and creating the yearbook. Since you’re studying media, it might be beneficial to test your practical skills and get creative! You’ll always have an exciting project to work on. Last year, the media committee for example made a podcast and gave MESA a new platform. Another example was creating an introduction video for first years, to help new students getting familiar with the city Groningen.