MESA Mates

Are you no longer a MESA member, but do you still want to support MESA financially? Then the MESA Mates program is for you. For a minimum of €5,- a year, you can support the professional side of MESA. These donations will be used to help organise more educational events, such as:

• Company tours
• Guest lectures
• Workshops
• Potentially, a future congress

As a member, you will receive a newsletter twice a year, in January and in June, to keep you updated about our expenses. You are also welcome to join all our MTM Events and can come to the General Members Meetings in October, February and June. The names of MESA Mates members will also be published on our website.

The duration of being a MESA Mate is set for one year at a time. At the end of the year you will be asked whether you want to continue. Signing up for your first year as a MESA Mate must be done by filling out the sign up sheet below. Your donation will be collected through an automatic deduction within a week after registering as a MESA Mate. To continue after the first year, you only have to reply to our email at the end of the academic year in regards to the donorship, and we will use the bank information of your first donation to send out an automatic deduction.

Sign up for MESA Mates
Minimum of €5,-
Your bank number will be used to perform a direct debit
You can read both documents via the info tab in the navigation bar.