Are you ready for a new challenge or seeking to take a significant step in your career?

Consider applying for the 9th Board of MESA!

MESA is currently looking for enthusiastic candidates to fill various positions on the Board. Serving on the Board is an exceptional opportunity to gain valuable experience in running an Association and to expand your network within the media field.

Here's what you can gain from being part of the MESA Board:

  • Experience in running an association which will enhance your resume and future career prospects
  • Money compensation for your effort and work
  • Network opportunities and making meaningful connections with fellow students, the Faculty, and professionals in the field
  • Having an impact on the activities and the future of MESA
  • Having a lot of fun and making friends inside and outside of the association.

If this opportunity resonates with you, we encourage you to submit your motivation letter and CV to before May 5th, 23:59

Please specify the position you are interested in applying for!

If you have any questions about the application process or the responsibilities of board members, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email ( You can contact us via text or phone call at +31611349361. We're more than happy to provide additional information and support!


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The Chairperson of the board is responsible for the coordination within the board and makes sure the board is running smoothly. The chair is up to date on everything that is going on in MESA and is involved in all that the board is doing. During the year, the Chair will make the agendas for board meetings and GMM’s and will also lead these meetings. During introduction or information days the chair will give presentations about MESA, and during constitution drinks or other events the chair will give speeches. Throughout the year, the Chair will attend various external meetings and will represent the association, such as meetings within the Faculty or with other associations.


The Secretary of the board is responsible for the administration parts of the association. During meetings of the board and GMM’s, the secretary makes the minutes so everyone can read back what has been said during the meeting. Besides this, the secretary is the main responsible for incoming and outgoing emails. An important part of MESA’s member administration is also taken care of by the secretary, such as new or canceled memberships, alumni’s and MESA.


The Treasurer of the board is responsible for and involved in all the financial matters within MESA. At the beginning of the academic year, the Treasurer writes the financial policy and will present this for the members during the first GMM of the year. During the year, the treasurer will make sure all the declarations are paid and is in charge of the incoming invoices. All these financial matters are managed and controlled by the Treasurer via a bookkeeping program.


The Commissioner of Internal Affairs of the board is the person between the board and the different Committees of the association and is the central point for questions for members of MESA. The internal knows what the committees are up to and will assist them where needed. To achieve this, the Internal will join committee meetings throughout the year. During the weekly board meetings, the internal will update the board about what the committees are doing and how everything is going.


The Commissioner of External Affairs of the board is the person between who is in charge of everything outside of MESA. This includes contact with companies (sponsorships for example) and other associations. As an external you look for keep in contact with current sponsors and get new ones. You lead the organisation of big events like a career day where you invite a lot of companies. You are also in charge of leading the events that MESA organises in collaboration with other associations. During the weekly board meetings you update you fellow board members on what you did during the week and how everything is going.

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