MESA’s first Lustrum

Welcome to our lustrum page! The countdown has begun, and on the 22nd of February MESA will  blow out five candles to honor our very first lustrum.

We will celebrate this special Lustrum from the 22nd until the 26th of February, with a lot of fun activities surrounding our 2020 inspired theme GLITCH.

The year 2020-2021 has altered our realities and caused us many errors on- and offline, so what better way to represent the last 5 years of MESA as one big glitch?

On this page you will find all the information you need to participate in our week of festivities. We will update our page and  gradually reveal our secret celebration plans for you and your friends.

We hope to create an epic week of celebration together and set a great example with the first of many to come lustrum celebrations!

Love, the Lustrum Committee

Exited? You can sign up via this link!