The committees for 2017-2018 are:


Media Committee, with as chair Victor Bouwmeester

The Media Committee takes care of all of MESAs media, this may range from posting on our Instagram, creating posters for our Facebook, to creating our MESA Cribs episodes. The media committee also works along with all the other committees if they need promoting for events.


Intro Committee, with as chair Harm-Jan Setz

The Intro Committee has the responsibility of organising our yearly intro camp at the beginning of the year for all the new students. The past two years the Intro Committee has taken the first years to Break Out GrunoPark where there were lots of fun activities such as human table football, climbing in trees, rafting, Masterchef and the Olympics.



Event Committee, with as chair Stella Uffen

Although MESA is still a young association it has thrown some great events thanks to the Event Committee. The Event Committee organises the monthly drinks, the Christmas pub quiz and the gala. If going out is not really your thing then don’t worry! The committee also organises events such as a big picnic/jam session in Noorderplantsoen or going ice skating in winter.



Travel Committee, with as chair Charlotte O’Keeffe

The Travel Committee has the responsibility of the yearly travel. This year they are organizing a trip to Dublin. Sign up now through the Facebook page!


MTM Committee, with as chair Rosa Dijkstra

The Meet the Makers Committee is a committee that turn learning and studying fun! They make sure that there are summaries for the exams for all MESA members and also organises pub lectures with people from our field. Aside from pub lectures the MTM committee also works with other associations to organise other fun lectures. For example last year we combined forces with Commotie and had a great lecture with the owners of the well known organisation Paradigm.