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Being a MESA-alumnus comes with many great benefits. First of all, we will keep you informed of everything that is going on within MESA through our monthly newsletters. Being an alumnus also means you can join all our social events during the year, such as our monthly drinks, as well as receive an invitation for our lustrum activities once every five years, starting with our first Lustrum in February 2021. In the future, we are also planning to organise exclusive alumni events. Alumni members can make an account on our website, where they can find information such as event photos, and board documents.

Being a MESA-alumnus requires us to keep your email address and your name and will give us the opportunity to reach out to you at a later point in time to see where our ex-members ended up. Signing up is completely free and can be done via this form. If you wish to sign out again, you can at any point do so by sending us an e-mail.

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