MESA Membership

If you are going to study Media Studies in this upcoming year, you can join MESA to further enhance your time at the university. If you become a member of MESA, you:

  • Will get access to summaries from last years, and receive updated summaries from a lot of courses in the first year
  • Will be able to join all our drinks and make new friends
  • Can become an active member to develop your interests and skills, whilst broadening your social circle
  • Can join the MESA trip, organised once a year
  • Can make an account on our website and view to access all summaries and photos taken during events

To become a member of MESA, head over here.

Introduction Camp

The introduction camp is the first opportunity organised by MESA to socialise with fellow students and have a drink together. The weekend is packed with all kinds of activities where you’ll be playing fun games, eat delicious barbecue, and be part of a theme party. If you want more information or when you already have made up your mind, head over here.

Active membership and Committees

MESA is driven by a couple of committees, that all have their own responsibilities. Being a part of a committee means that you are able to learn more about your interests, get to know other students better and make friends, and offers the opportunity to develop yourself professionally. As for now, MESA consists out of six committees:

This committee organises all party activities, such as the monthly drinks and the end of the year gala. They make sure MESA always has something fun to do.

This committee is in charge of organising a big trip abroad for MESA members during the springtime. We are looking forward to hopefully a new trip this year!

They organise the series called Meet The Makers, in which experts from different media fields share their personal experiences and offer valuable career advice. They also take care of other study-related tasks such as gathering summaries and organising study groups.

Members of this committee create audiovisual content which can be used for our social media accounts and the website. They also take care of event promotion and furthermore create our public image.

Members of this committee organise the introduction camp in September for all first-year students and have the opportunity to be the first to show new students what MESA is all about! Right now, they are working very hard to make the intro camp 2021 for all prospective media students.

This year, we have celebrated our first Lustrum. The Lustrum committee made sure that we all were able to have an amazing first Lustrum. Our first Lustrum themed “Glitch” was a big success.

Signing up for these committees will become possible at the beginning of next year. If you want to learn more about our current active members, you can head over here. On this page you can also contact specific committees, if you already have questions about what they do. If you have more general questions about for example becoming an active member, you can contact our board.