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MESA is driven by a couple of committees, that all have their own responsibilities. Being a part of a committee means that you are able to learn more about your interests, get to know other students better and make friends. Joining a committee offers the opportunity to develop yourself professionally. Learn more about MESA's Committees

Become a Member of MESA

If you are going to study Media Studies in this upcoming year, you can join MESA to further enhance your time at the University.

If you become a member of MESA, you:

  • Can make an account on our website to access all summaries and photos taken during events
  • Will be able to join all our drinks and other social events
  • Meet people from your study and make new friends
  • Will be able to join career and study related events to enhance your knowledge and experience in the media field
  • Can become an active member to develop your interests and skills, whilst broadening your social circle
  • Can join the MESA domestic and abroad trip, organised every year

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